7 reasons you'll love Ajilius

DW Databases1. Choice of Data Warehouse

Ajilius delivers on the most modern data warehouse platforms.

  • SQL Server (Windows and Linux)
  • SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • AWS Redshift
  • Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse
  • PostgreSQL / EnterpriseDB
  • MariaDB Column Store
  • Exasol

Get high performance, high scale data warehouses, built with best practice code for each platform. Three-click instant migration between supported platforms ensures that you never get locked into a legacy data warehouse platform.


2. BI Integration

At Ajilius, we believe that data has no value until it is in the hands of the end user. We provide the best possible integration with the world's most popular tools for analytics and visualisation.

Integrations comprise business-friendly table and column names; documentation, including popups where supported; and even lineage so that your users can trace their data right back to its source.

No more lengthy and tedious setup times for BI models, and no more disagreements about where numbers came from. Ajilius delivers a unified view of your data warehouse across your BI platforms.


3. Integrated Data Quality

Ajilius works to protect the quality of your data warehouse.

Integrated profiling of source systems helps you to quickly identify issues such as invalid dates (users keying magic values like '00/00/0000') before they become an issue in your ELT processes.

We then support Data Quality Screens on every column coming into the warehouse. Screens may be set for data type validation, range and list validation, and regular expression validation.

Rows which fail screening are logged to a reject bucket per load, and can be quickly viewed and browsed to identify necessary changes to source data where appropriate.


migration4. Three Click Migration

Ajilius is the only data warehouse automation platform that guarantees instant three-click migration between supported data warehouse platforms.

Never fear vendor lock-in when you can switch at will between platforms. If you need more performance, or if you're changing cloud providers, Ajilius means that your data warehouse will never be left behind.

Cloud to cloud data warehouse is a reality with Ajilius, you can even run multi-vendor, multi-site ELT for the ultimate in data warehouse protection.


deliverables5. End-to-End Deliverables

Generate the DDL and DML for all ELT / ETL processing, batch scripts, job schedules, user and technical documents. Fast, consistent and error-free.

You can deploy and test your generated deliverables through the Ajilius user interface, and they're packaged as scripts ready for continuous deployment and staged migration.

Documentation is interactive, and always up to date. Lineage and dependency tracing is a breeze, with diagrams to help your understanding, linked to the documentation for deeper analysis.

Easily migrate from development to production, across domains and data centers. Integrate our schedules with your existing operational standards and procedures.

choice6. Freedom of choice

Use Ajilius on desktop, notebook, tablet, and even on phone. Use any modern web browser, we use modern HTML5 and CSS to deliver a highly responsive solution to suit any user device.

Run your servers on Windows, Linux or OSX, we're completely cross-platform. Mix and match, your data will move freely between operating systems if you decide to switch.

Ajilius is multi-lingual, with internationalisation support for most global languages. Your team can work in your language.

guarantee7. Unbeatable Value

Ajilius represents the best value in the data warehouse automation market. We publish our pricing because we're proud of our value, and we've got the simplest model in the market.

You get a 14 day period to try Ajilius before you buy, and don't pay until you're satisfied that we deliver the value we promise.

Our ROI is so strong that we'll save your purchase price in just a few days.