Warehouse Migrate


Ajilius supports a unique “three-click migration” feature to move your data warehouse from one platform to another.

Within one set of metadata you can change your target DBMS at any time, and regenerate your scripts for that platform.

The migration feature is an alternative, when you want to take a copy of the original metadata, and create a new set of metadata whilst keeping the original.

This feature is also used for deployments across environments, where one Ajilius server manages deployments across multiple environments.


Select the Migrate Warehouse option from the Warehouse List context menu:


Edit the name and description for the migrated warehouse, and choose its DBMS. Then edit the credentials for the new database:


Finally, click the Migrate action button.


If you are using the sample database you might like to rebuild the warehouse on the new platform to verify the migration.

Open the metadata for the new data warehouse by clicking its link in the Warehouse List menu.


Now follow the steps in the Build the Data Warehouse section of the Getting Started documentation.

Three click migration between data warehouse platforms.