Warehouse List


The Warehouse list shows one row for each data warehouse that is being managed by Ajilius.

List Actions

Add Create metadata for a new data warehouse

List Menu

Change Warehouse Change the properties of the selected data warehouse row.
Delete Warehouse Delete the data warehouse row, and its associated metadata.
Migrate Warehouse Migrate the selected data warehouse from one target platform to another.
Open Metadata Open the metadata for the selected data warehouse.
Close Metadata Close the metadata for the selected data warehouse.

List Columns


The name by which the data warehouse is commonly known.

Must start with a character, be comprised of characters and/or digits, and be non-blank.


Free-form text that describes the data warehouse. Used as title for documentation, diagrams, etc. related to the warehouse.

Must be non-blank.


DBMS platform on which data warehouse will be deployed. Examples are PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Redshift, etc.

Must make a selection from the list.

Server Domain name or IP address at which data warehouse DBMS is located.

Where the DBMS uses a non-standard port, the port number should be appended following a colon.
Database Name of database on target DBMS. Must comply with target DBMS naming rules.