Upgrading Ajilius

We issue updates to Ajilius every 2-4 weeks.

These updates contain new features, as well as error corrections and performance enhancements.

Registered users of Ajilius are notified of updates by email, with a link to the update package.

Update Packages

An update package is a ZIP file, with a name that represents the version to which your installation will be upgraded:


Update packages are cumulative, you don’t have to install every one. For example, if your current version is 3.2.1, you can skip the updates between 3.2.2 and 3.2.5, and only apply 3.2.6.

An update package contains a folder structure like this:


The BIN folder will contain the latest version of ajilius.jar.

Other folders and files may be present if they contain relevant changes.

Upgrade Process

  1. Stop your Ajilius application.
  2. Backup your Ajilius folder. On Windows machines this is c:\ajilius. On Linux and OSX machines it is /opt/ajilius. If there are any errors in the upgrade process, simply delete the Ajilius folder and copy your backup in its place.
  3. Unzip the distribution package, and paste the bin folder over the top of your installation. On Windows machines paste it over c:\ajilius\bin. On Linux and OSX machines copy it over /opt/ajilius/bin. Accept any prompt to over-write files.
  4. If you have made any changes to the ajilius.ini configuration file, review the difference between your backup copy, and the version now in bin/ajilius.ini. Replace any previous customisations you have made, and decide if any new customisations are required.
  5. Restart your Ajilius application. Metadata files will now be upgraded to the latest version, and the upgrade file (ajilius.upgrade) removed from the folder.

Reversing an Upgrade

Because metadata files have their structure modified during the upgrade process, it is not possible to roll back to a previous version by re-running its upgrade.

You can restore an earlier version from its backup, but if you have made deployments to your data warehouse in the meantime, there may be a significant discrepancy between your metadata and the warehouse.

If you feel the need to revert to a previous version, please contact us for advice on how best to handle this situation.