Viewing sample data from tables


During development and testing it is most useful to be able to view sample data from a table you have created.

You might be testing column calculations or aggregations, or simply checking the layout of a table, but the ability to quickly view  a sample of data is a major productivity gain.

Ajilius has a simple table browser to support this need.

Viewing Data

You can access the table browser by selecting the View Data option from the table context menu. Here is an example from a Load table:


When you select this option, up to 500 rows from the table will be displayed in a grid for you to review:


The left-side box immediately above the table is a search box. The sample data will be filtered as you type characters into this box.

You can use the right-side arrows to page backwards and forwards through the result set.

When you have finished browsing the contents of the table, press the Cancel link in the table caption, and you will be taken back to the table list from which the browser was selected.