Starting Ajilius


The Ajilius application needs to be started before you can connect to it using your browser.

The process to start Ajilius is slightly different by operating system.

Microsoft Windows

To run the Ajilius application on Microsoft Windows, please open a command window and enter the following commands:

cd \ajilius\bin\
java -jar ajilius.jar

Linux and OSX

On Linux or OSX, please open a terminal window and enter the following commands:

cd /opt/ajilius/bin/
java -jar ajilius.jar

Normal Operation

When you have successfully started the Ajilius application, you should see a screen similar to this:


Stopping Ajilius

To stop the Ajilius application you may close the command or terminal window in which it is running.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the window open, press Control-C in the windows in which the Ajilius application is running.

Running Ajilius as a service

The starting instructions, above, will start Ajilius in a user session. This session must be left running for Ajilius to remain available, which can be an issue in server-based environments.

To run Ajilius in the background under a user account on OSX and Linux, use the following command:

nohup java -jar ajilius.jar &

This will start Ajilius in the background, and display a startup message on the console. Press the ENTER key to continue with your session, from which you may disconnect.

These commands can be added to the /etc/rc.local file to automatically start Ajilius on server restart:

cd /opt/ajilius/bin/
java -jar ajilius.jar &

On Windows, life is a little more difficult because of the lack of in-built support for Java services. We’re continuing to investigate options, but for now, we really like the 3rd. party utility AlwaysUp:

Next Steps

Having now installed and started the Ajilius application, you are now ready to logon:

Initial Logon