Union Tables

A union represents a concatenation of two or more tables.

Two types of union are supported by Ajilius, in line with standard SQL. These are UNION and UNION ALL. UNION tables filter duplicate rows from the result set, while UNION ALL tables include all rows from all tables.

To create a UNION, start a new stage table from the context menu of a LOAD or STAGE table. Set the Transform Type to one of the union values:

To add a table to the UNION, select the Unions option from the table’s context menu:

Press the ADD link to add a new table to the union set:

Choose the table to be added to the union set, and press the NEXT action button:

Now select the matching columns from the second table, for the columns defined by the first table, then press the SAVE action button:

As you can see, a new table has been added to the Union set. Repeat this process for as many tables as you want in the union:

And when you generate scripts for this table, you’ll see a union correctly implemented: