Creating a Stage Table

Stage tables may be created directly from a load table, or from another stage table.

To create a stage table from a load table, select the Create Stage option from the load table context menu:

When creating a series of stage tables, use the Create Stage option from the preceding stage table context menu:

You will then be displayed a Stage Table edit form to set the table details. Note that not all fields are shown on this screen capture, scrolling the browser window may reveal additional fields.

Source Table Table from which this stage table will be created. This will be the FROM table in the query.
Transform Type

Type of transformation which will be applied to this table.

Separate documentation is available to describe each transformation type.

Table Name Name which will be used when creating the new stage table. Must be lower-case with no embedded spaces.
Business Name Name which describes the business role of this table.
Truncate On Load


This feature will be removed in a future version of Ajilius.

Custom Script – Pre-SQL

Custom Script – Post-SQL

Custom SQL code which will be executed before and/or after the generated transformation code.

Refer to the following post for more details:

User and Technical Documentation Separate support for user documentation and technical documentation.