Open Metadata


Ajilius can hold metadata for multiple data warehouses.

In this activity we will:

  • Logon to Ajilius
  • Open the metadata for the Chinook data warehouse


Following the method described in Initial Logon, direct your browser to the Ajilius application and logon.

After logon, your screen should look like this:


Open metadata

In order to work with a data warehouse design, you need to open its metadata database. Do this by clicking on the link in the Warehouse column, and the navigation menu will be displayed.

Note that we are only opening the metadata at this stage. To work with the metadata, use the Extract, Load and Transform windows.

When there is more than one data warehouse available, choosing different warehouses will change the title displayed at the top left of the menu bar.



An alternative method to open a metadata database is to click the context menu in the list row, and select the Open Metadata menu option:


Close metadata

To close a metadata database, select the Close Metadata option from the list context menu:


Alternatively, if you have more than one data warehouse in this list, clicking on another Warehouse link will close the current metadata file, and open the metadata for the row on which you clicked.

Next Steps

In the next section we connect your metadata to a database, ready  to build your data warehouse.

Connect Database