Navigation is the process by which you move around the Ajilius application.

There are three types of navigation:

  • Navigation Menus
  • Context Menus
  • Title Actions

We describe these methods in the following sections.

Ajilius menus are designed to be touch-friendly for use with touch screens and tablets. Where we use the word “click” in these descriptions, the word “touch” can also apply.

Navigation Menus

The navigation menus are in the title bar at the top of your screen. The menus may change depending on whether you are working with a data warehouse.


To open a menu, click the name of the menu or the small triangle to its right. Here is an example of an open menu:


To select an option from a menu, click on the option.


The content of some menus may change as you build your data warehouse. The Load menu, for example, contains a convenient list of the data sources from which you may load data.


Context Menus

Rows in a list may have a context menu. This is a drop-down list of actions that affect that row of data.


Click the small arrow to open the menu for the row:


Select an option by clicking the relevant item in the menu:


Title Actions

Title bars may also contain navigation links related to the list. An example is shown below, where actions are available to add new columns to the table, to map columns to data sources, and sort columns within the table.


Next Steps

By now you should understand how to use Ajilius in a general sense, and it is time to start working with a data warehouse.

Chinook Sample Data Warehouse