Initial Logon


Once you have installed and started the Ajilius application, you are ready to connect to it using your web browser.

Which Browser?

Ajilius is designed for modern web browsers supporting Javascript, CSS and HTML5.

The application has been successfully tested on current versions of the following browsers:

  • Firefox (Windows, Linux, OSX)
  • Chrome (Windows, Linux, OSX, Android)
  • Vivaldi (Windows, OSX)
  • Internet Explorer (Windows)
  • Safari (OSX)
  • Safari (iOS)
  • Dolphin (iOS and Android)

While each of these browsers is tested with Ajilius, and fully supported, there are subtle differences in the way that each browser renders pages.

In our experience, the best user experience when using Ajilius comes from the Firefox browser, with Vivaldi a close second.

Application URL

To connect your browser to the Ajilius application, enter the following URL:


where <server> is the domain name or IP address of the computer where you installed Ajilius.

If you installed Ajilius on your local workstation, the URL will be:


If you installed Ajilius on a server that your internal network knows as “ajilius”, the URL will be:


If you removed the “ajilius.jks” SSL certificate file during installation you can connect using HTTP instead of the more secure HTTPS protocol. For example:


Logon Screen

A successful connection to the Ajilius application will show the following page in your browser:


Note that there are two fields for the entry of an email address and a password, and a button at the bottom right labelled “Logon”.

In general, we recommend the use of an email address to identify a user. A future release of Ajilius will use that email address for communication about data warehouse changes.

The exception to this guideline is that we use the name “admin” for the initial setup user.

Logon Credentials

Enter the following credentials for your first logon:

  • eMail Address:
  • Password:

If you make a mistake, the logon form will be re-displayed with blank fields for the eMail Address and Password. On the advice of our security audit we don’t give feedback on the reason for a failed logon.

Initial Screen

In normal use, a logon to Ajilius will take you to the last page you used before logging off.

The first time you logon, however, we default to the Warehouse List screen.


This screen shows one row, which is the sample metadata we provide with Ajilius.

You are now connected to the application, and ready to begin using Ajilius.

Next Steps

Before we start building a data warehouse, let’s go over some basic features of the user interface.

User Interface