Refresh data source metadata

Ajilius caches data source metadata – table and column definitions – to speed up metadata browsing and to support offline / disconnected usage.

Before you can browse metadata, you need to build the cache. If source systems change their metadata (ie, new tables, new columns, or changed column definitions) you should rebuild the metadata cache so that you have up-to-date source information.

If you want to refresh all your metadata at once, use the Refresh Metadata option from the Extract menu:


If you only want to refresh one data source, use the Refresh Metadata option from the data source context menu:


You will then be shown a screen to confirm that you want the refresh to proceed. Select the Refresh option, and your metadata cache will be rebuilt for the selected source, or for all sources.


In a few seconds your metadata cache will be refreshed, and you will be able to browse and profile your data sources.