Connect to a Data Source


This form is to add, change and delete data source definitions within Ajilius.

A data source is a connection from which data may be extracted to build your data warehouse.


Form Fields

Data Source Details
Source Type One of the types of data source supported by Ajilius. Examples include:

  • Databases (ie, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2)
  • Files (ie, CSV, Excel, Access)
  • Applications (ie, Sharepoint, Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP)
  • Social Media (ie, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Note that your Ajilius licence includes access to all data sources we support.


Address of the location by which Ajilius will refer to the data source.

For databases this is the server domain name or IP address, and an optional port number:

For applications and social media, this is the URL for the data source API:

For file-based data sources, this is the UNC path to the folder containing the file/s.


Take care with file-based data sources, the directory location must be expressed in terms of the Ajilius server, and/or the server from which exported scripts will be run.


A database is a collection of tables exposed by a data source.

In most cases, for database sources, this is the name of the database on the source server.

For delimited file databases, this is the extension by which files are referenced, such as “.csv”.

For Excel spreadsheets, this is the name of the .XLSX spreadsheet file.


Some databases have a large number of schemas, which can make navigation confusing when browsing the data source.

Oracle, in particular, has a very large number of system schemas which can obscure the business tables from the database.

Setting this value to a schema name will expose only tables from that schema to the user.

If this field is left blank, all schemas in the source database will be shown to the user.

Extract Options
Extract User

Extract-specific user name which will be used in credentials when reading from the data source.

Over-rides the default extract user defined in Warehouse Settings.

Extract Password

Extract-specific password which will be used in credentials when reading from the data source.

Over-rides the default extract password defined in Warehouse Settings.

Extract Directory Where file-based extracts are used to load the target data warehouse, this is the UNC path to which extract files will be written.
Data Source Options
Delimited File Options For delimited files, the following options may be set to match the characteristics of the file:

  • Delimiter (comma, tab, ANSI, etc.)
  • Column Headers (yes, no)
  • Quote Character (none, single, double)
  • Escape Character (ANSI, backslash)
  • Character Set (ASCII, UTF-8, etc.)

Form Actions

The presence of the Add, Change, Delete and Connect buttons depends on the mode in which the form has been opened.

Add Add the details you have entered as a new data source.
Change Save the details you have entered for this data source.
Delete Delete this data source definition from Ajilius.
Connect Test connection to the data source.
Cancel Close this form and go back to the list from which it was opened.