Browse data source tables

Once your data source metadata has been refreshed, you can browse its structure and data.

To browse a data source, click on its name in the data source list, or select the Browse Tables option from is context menu:

You will then be shown a master-detail form which shows the tables and columns from your data source. Click on a data source in the left-side table, and the right-side table will show the columns and data types from that table:

You can use the search box just above the left-side table to filter the list of tables.

When a database contains multiple schemas, the schema name will be shown with the table name in the format “schema.table”.


You can gain a deeper understanding of the table contents by selecting the Profile Table option from its context menu:

The profile screen shows row and column statistics for the selected table. You can refresh this information by pressing the Profile action button.

Sample Data

You can browse a sample of data from a source table by selecting the View Data option from its context menu:

The View Data screen shows up to 500 rows from the source table, enough for you to quickly check its contents and verify that it is the table you need.