Dimension Hierarchies

Hierarchies may be created from the attributes of a dimension, to assist with aggregation and navigation in visualisation and analytics products.

For example, when Power BI is connected to a tabular model in SSAS, hierarchies are shown in the field selector, and provide automatic drill-down when selected.


To create a dimension hierarchy, select the Hierarchies option from the dimension table context menu:

A list of hierarchies for the selected dimension will then be displayed.

To create a new hierarchy, press the Add link in the list bar, then follow the editing instructions, below.

To change an existing hierarchy, select the Change Hierarchy option from the hierarchy context menu.

The following form supports editing the details of a hierarchy.

Form Fields

Dimension Table

The name of the dimension within which this hierarchy will be created.

Read only.

Hierarchy Name

The business name of the hierarchy that will be displayed (where supported) in BI tools.

Must be non-blank.

To change the name of an existing hierarchy, modify this value.

Dimension Columns

Columns from the dimension which can be used to define the hierarchy.

To add a column to a hierarchy, click and hold on the column name, then drag and release it on the Hierarchy Columns field.

Once a column has been added to a hierarchy, it will no longer appear in this list.

Hierarchy Columns

The columns which comprise this hierarchy.

Columns should be listed in order of greatest to smallest concept. For example:

  • Country -> State -> City
  • Year -> Quarter -> Month.

Columns may be sorted by clicking and dragging within this field.

Columns may be deleted by clicking and dragging a column back to the Dimension Columns field.

A hierarchy must have at least two columns.

Form Actions


Save the current hierarchy definition and return to the Hierarchy List screen.

If validation errors are detected, the edit form will be re-displayed with appropriate error messages.

Cancel Return to the Hierarchy List screen without saving any changes.