Creating a Dimension Table

Dimension can only be created from a stage table. The Ajilius workflow loads data, transforms that data through staging tables until it matches your desired dimension, then updates the dimension from that stage.

To create a dimension table from a stage table, select the Create Dimension option from the stage table context menu:

You will then be displayed a Stage Table edit form to set the table details. Note that not all fields are shown on this screen capture, scrolling the browser window may reveal additional fields.

Source Table Table from which this dimension table will be created. This will be the FROM table in the query.
Table Name Name which will be used when creating the new dimension table in the data warehouse. Must be lower-case with no embedded spaces.
Business Name Name which describes the business role of this table. This name will be surfaced through metadata in BI tools.
Infer new rows from Facts

When a fact row is received with a business key that does not exist in this dimension, one of two actions may be taken.

If this check-box is unchecked, the row will receive the zero-value dimension key, signifying an unknown dimension value.

If this check-box is checked, the new business key will be added to the dimension with default values, and may be updated with correct values by subsequent dimension processing.

Surrogate Key Name Column name which will be given to the dimension key in the dimension table, and the associated foreign key in the fact table.
Default SCD Type

Defines the SCD type (0, 1, 2 or 3) which will be first assigned to columns when this table definition is saved.

Defaults to SCD1, which is a column that may be over-written by updates to the table.

SCD Types may be over-ridden in the column editor.

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