Deploy Menu

During the design and development process for your data warehouse, you may periodically deploy to development and test environments, or migrate your design to another environment.

The Deploy menu contains functions to help you through deployment processes.

Note that while the Deploy menu contains functions for deployment and execution, these are intended for use during development and testing, not for production execution. The command line features of Ajilius are intended for this purpose.

Menu Options

Clean Credentials Erase the credentials from data warehouse metadata.
Export Deployment

Export the most recently deployed state of tables and columns to disk.

The deployment state will be written to the ajilius/metadata folder on the Ajilius server.

Given a data warehouse named DW, the deployment state will be written to the following files:

  • DW.dt (Tables)
  • DW.dc (Columns)

If these files already exist in the metadata folder, they will be overwritten.

Import Deployment

Import the most recently deployed state of a data warehouse.

As metadata is deployed through environments its deployed state is updated for each environment.

Importing a previous deployment state resets the metadata for deployment against a new environment.

Create Tables

 Create the first deployment to a new data warehouse.The data warehouse schemas will be created, and all tables created.

Do not run this command against a data warehouse you wish to retain, as all data will be lost, and it will be over-written with a new deployment.

Alter Tables

Run an incremental deployment to the data warehouse. Tables which have had their metadata changed will be redeployed, unchanged tables will not be altered.

Redeploying transient tables (load and stage) will drop and create the table. Data in these tables is local to a batch, and will be lost during the recreation.

Persistent tables (persistent stage, dimension, fact) will retain their data during the deployment process.

Execute ELT  Execute an end-to-end load of the data warehouse.
Reset Controls  Support function to enable tables with incremental load processes to be reset to their previous starting point.
Export Scripts  Export all scripts as stand-alone text files.