Connecting to a Database


Before you can build a data warehouse from you metadata, you need to connect to a database.

Create an empty database on your preferred platform, and record the following details:

  • Server
  • Database Name
  • User-ID
  • Password

In this example we will connect to a PostgreSQL database on our local computer. The credentials we will use are:

  • Server = localhost
  • Database = ajilius
  • User-ID = ajilius
  • Password = *****************

Snowflake Users:

Snowflake separates the concept of Database and Warehouse.
The Database Name field for a Snowflake data warehouse should be represented as:


The name of the database should be entered, followed by a slash, followed by the name of the warehouse to process that database.

Change Warehouse

Select the Change Warehouse option from the warehouse list context menu:


A data entry screen of warehouse configuration details will be shown.

Enter Credentials

Make the changes highlighted in the following screenshot:


Test Credentials

Press the Connect action button at the bottom right of the screen.

If you have correctly entered the credentials for your database, the following message will be shown at the bottom left.


Save changes

Press the Change action button at the bottom left of the screen. Your credentials will now be saved for the Chinook data warehouse.

The Warehouse List screen will now be displayed, and should look like this:


Note that the Server and Database columns of the list now reflect your data warehouse credentials.

This activity is now complete.

Next Steps

The sample Chinook Data Warehouse contains a complete set of metadata for a simple star schema. In the next activity we will deploy that metadata and perform a complete load of the data warehouse.

Build Warehouse