Column List

This list shows all columns for a given table.

You get to this list by one of the following:

  • selecting the Columns option from a┬áTable context menu
  • selecting the Change link at the top of the column summary on a Table list
  • Pressing the Columns… button after editing a table definition

List Actions

Table Name The first link in the list caption bar is the name of the table for which columns are being displayed. Click this link to return to the table list.

Display the column edit form to add a new column from the source list for this table.

For Load tables you may add columns from the data source, or metadata columns to be created by Ajilius at load time.

For all other table types you may add columns from the source table/s, or calculated columns based on source data.

Map Display the column map form to change the mapping of a column to a source value, or to delete the column from the table.

For Stage, Dimension and Fact tables only, display the column sort form.

Load table columns may not be sorted, they must be loaded in the original column sequence.

Scripts… Display the script form to review and test the ELT scripts associated with this table.

List Columns

Column Name

The database name for this column.

Must be non-blank, begin with a letter, and comprise letters, numbers and underscores only.

Data Type The Ajilius data type for the column.
Description Free-form text description of the column, expressed in business terms as it will form the basis of BI integration.
Source Column Column from which this column has been sourced in transformation, or “Calculated” if this is a calculated column.
Role Ajilius column role, defining the special characteristics of this column in the data warehouse.