Clean Credentials

This function erases the data source credentials for the current data warehouse.

Erasing credentials may be useful in the following circumstances:

  1. When you move metadata between environments (say, development to production) and want to be sure that your data sources are not accidentally pointing at the development source.
  2. When you want to share a metadata file with a third party, but don’t want that party to have access to the credentials of your own databases, such as a consultant working offline.
  3. When you want to change licence keys for Ajilius, perhaps when handing over work from a consultant to an in-house developer.

When you select this function from the Deploy | Clean Credentials menu option, the following screen will be displayed:


Press the Clean button to erase the credentials. A message will be displayed on completion of this task.

Press the Cancel button to return to the previous list screen without altering data source credentials.