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Evaluation Checklist – Data Warehouse Automation.
(Updated October, 2017)

Data Warehouse Automation Products

The following is a list of all data warehouse automation products of which we are aware.

If you know of another product, or if you’re a data warehouse automation vendor who would like to be added to the list, or even if you can help us to clear up any of the “unknowns”, please send us an email at


  • Methodology: Dimensional
    • On-Premise / IAAS: SQL Server (Windows & Linux), SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse, PostgreSQL, MariaDB Column Store, Exasol
    • Cloud / PAAS: AWS Redshift, AWS RDS, Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, Azure SQL, Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Price: USD 15,000pa
  • Comments: Cross platform data warehouse automation software; unique cloud-to-cloud data warehousing with three-click migration; metadata integration with Yellowfin, Tableau and Qlik; data integration with PowerBI and Excel; integrated data quality automation; integrated automated test support; integrated dependency-based batch scheduler.

AnalytiX DS

  • Methodology: Data Vault, 3NF, Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server, Oracle
  • Price: Starts at USD 10,000
  • Comments: Appears to be a higher-level ETL tool, rather than a methodology-focussed DWA product. Unique claim to convert ETL between DataStage, Informatica, SSIS, Talend, ODI and BODS.
    Updated with comments from AnalytixDS (thank you!):
    An integrated platform for Enterprise Data Mapping (source to target mappings), Governance and Automation. The product governs metadata and source to target data mappings, has add on modules to manage the reference data, testing and data quality and an open automation engine supporting multiple scripting languages to generate ETL jobs for leading ETL Tools.

Attunity Compose

  • Methodology: Data Vault
  • DW DBMS: Teradata, Oracle, Netezza, SQL Server
  • Price: USD 75,000 single source/target (1)
  • Comments: The user interface has moved to the browser, with a much more eye-pleasing design. Lost its early momentum once acquired by Attunity, and with its inventor’s departure from Attunity may now lack DW guidance.

BI Builder

  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server only
  • Price: Free (open source)
  • Comments: If you want to build your own solution, this is an interesting starting point.

BI builders

  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server only
  • Price: Combination of company size, number of data sources, and number of modules licensed.
  • Comments: Very pretty looking dimensional solution. Looks good for SQL Server sites.
    Vendor Remarks:
    Xpert BI automatically detects all object dependencies and can execute data loads on many different levels; by table, data source, data model, or any other subset of data warehouse objects. Handles all source to target mappings and has a complete data lineage documentation.
    The product is metadata driven with additional application adapters to systems such as SAP ERP and MS AX2012.


  • Methodology: Unknown
  • DW DBMS: Unknown
  • Price: Unknown
  • Comments: Why go to the trouble of putting a product on a web site, but not telling us anything about what the product does, how much it costs, or any other details?


  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: Proprietary?
  • Price: Unknown
  • Comments: Actually an end-to-end BI solution with some automated data integration capability. If you’re looking for a one-stop DW/Analytics vendor, this is worth considering.

Centennium Automation Tool

  • Methodology: Data Vault
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata
  • Price: EUR 10,000
  • Comments: Dutch language site, no translation provided.

Datavault Builder

  • Methodology: Data Vault
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server, Oracle
  • Price: Unknown
  • Comments: Still work in progress, but screenshot graphics look very attractive.

DDM Studio

  • Methodology: Data Vault and Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server only
  • Price: Unknown
  • Comments: Difficult for non-Dutch speakers, the web site is poorly translated. Insufficient information to form an opinion.


  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server only
  • Price: Per-user plus per-server (recent price change not public)
  • Comments: Appears heavily influenced by WhereScape, but leans towards “assisted coding” rather than true automation. Generates SSIS packages. Consider this if you’re a SQL Server shop, and intend to stay that way forever.


  • Methodology: 3NF, Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server only
  • Price: From USD10,000 per site
  • Comments: Interesting product with unique MDM integration.
    • Auto generates table structure and ETL code for a combined Inmon/Kimball style data warehouse architecture including SSAS cubes, approval or rollback for data imports, data and portal security configuration and support for accumulating snapshot facts
    • Browser-based portal with functionality for Master Data Management including entity mapping, OLAP browser, native SSRS integration, scorecard (portal and/or mobile), budgeting user interface for planning data and finally support for process reporting
    • Surprisingly, has no extract capability, and recommends integration with BIML or alternative for this capability

Gamma Systems

  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: Netezza, Teradata, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2
  • Price: Unknown
  • Comments: Not much information available. Appears to generate Informatica, DataStage and Talend ETL code. If you’re a committed user of one of the named ETL products, this product may be worth considering. Very complex UI, not clear on productivity advantage.

Halo BI

  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server only
  • Price: Unknown
  • Comments: Part of a much broader BI and productivity offering. Similar to Birst in scope. Worth a deeper look if you need a whole platform.

Insource Data Academy

  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server only
  • Price: Unknown
  • Comments: Interesting focus on operations and administration. Web site uses a lot of words, without actually telling you much about what the product does. Very complex pricing model in vendor-specific units of measure.

Instant Business Intelligence (SeETL)

  • Methodology: Unclear
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server only (?)
  • Price: Up to EUR 2,000
  • Comments: Component-based toolkit built on Microsoft Excel. The developer, known as Peter Nolan or Joschua Boehm, appears troubled.


  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: Unclear
  • Price: USD 350,000 avg. sale (1)
  • Comments: This product may be incredibly powerful, but it has a rather obstructive web site. Model-driven is a different style than most other products.


  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server
  • Price: USD 950/month
  • Comments: I like this product. It is web-based, site licensed and appears to do all the right things. Interesting on-demand BI service. A worthy competitor to Ajilius.

Optimal ODE

  • Methodology: Data Vault
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server
  • Price: Open Source
  • Comments: Continuing to evolve through consulting assignments. Currently lacks a user interface, although believed to be coming soon.


  • Methodology: Data Vault
  • Price: Free (Open Source) and Paid (Unknown)
  • Comments: Appears to be the most comprehensive Data Vault solution.
    Updated with comments from Quipu (thank you!):
    Quipu indeed generates Data Vault data models and load code. Our metadata of models and code is translated via templates into various output formats. The default template set generated ANSI SQL92 code, but using the templates we can generate optimized SQL code for any RDBMS.
    It is also possible to generate code in XML format, i.e. native Pentaho Kettle XML or native Informatica XML. HTML code for documentation generation is also possible. This way, we can support any target.
    Quipu version 3 Professional Edition is available via a yearly subscription model, including support. This version supports model extensions and has undergone some major performance improvements. Our open source version is Quipu 2, available for free.


  • Methodology: Dimensional
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server only
  • Price: USD 50,000/server, USD 5,000/user (1)
  • Comments: Appears to have more customers than any other DW Automation solution, currently claiming over 2,000 users. Comprehensive set of external interfaces, such as SAP and SalesForce. Best OLAP capability, including write-back. More a developer tool, tightly integrated into Visual Studio, but too many clicks and drags to achieve basic tasks.


  • Methodology: Dimensional (?)
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server, but claimed to support Redshift through SSIS?
  • Price: USD 4,000/user (IDE)
  • Comments: I’ve never understood why this product is always demonstrated by editing XML rather than using its form-based UI. Coding ETL in a weird love-child of XML and C# is only slightly less painful than do-it-yourself dentistry. To my mind it hardly qualifies as “automation”, being just coding in another language, although this may change with their up-coming BIMLFlex product.


  • Methodology: Dimensional, Data Vault?
  • DW DBMS: SQL Server, Oracle, Netezza, Teradata, Greenplum
  • Price: USD 50,000/user (1)
  • Comments: Early pioneer, but old technology, slow to innovate, and now under challenge from many competitors.

Note (1):
Legacy vendors are notoriously shy about their pricing. The figures marked (1) were supplied by each vendor for the most recent Eckerson product profiles. We suspect these prices are discounted at time of sale.
Note (2):
Matillion and Panoply, originally included on this page, have been removed as they have clearly evolved towards ETL, rather than data warehouse automation.