What is ‘modern’ data warehouse automation?

Our tag-line for Ajilius is “Modern Data Warehouse Automation.

Is it (Modern) Data Warehouse Automation, or (Modern Data Warehouse) Automation?

The answer is “Both”.

Ajilius is a modern software product. You can use Ajilius on desktops, tablets and phones. It runs on Linux, Macintosh and Windows. Deploy Ajilius on-premise or in the cloud. Multiple languages are supported for international customers.

Ajilius fully supports the Modern Data Warehouse. We can build data warehouses on relational databases, cloud platforms, and Hadoop. Ajilius can source from databases, files, web services and streams.

Ajilius delivers the fully development cycle for a data warehouse. Loads, staging tables, screens, dimensions, facts, cubes, schedules and documentation. We’re fully metadata-driven, using specialised templates to generate all scripts and artefacts. With just a few clicks you can migrate from development to production, or from one DW platform to another, with all code fully scripted for automated deployment in segregated data centers.

You’ll also be delighted by our modern approach to licensing. No per-user, per warehouse shennanigans. Just one, simple rule: if you pay for your target database, you pay for Ajilius. And the amount you pay is just a fraction of the maintenance of competing products. Of course, we offer full training and support to get you up and running.

We aim to be #1 in data warehouse automation. Don’t settle for less.