Azure SQL or Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

Customers committed to the Microsoft stack often ask which product they should target for their cloud data warehouse – Azure SQL or Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Today I heard a Senior Program Manager from the ASDW team give the following answer:

  • If your data is measured in gigabytes, or your fact tables have less than 100 million rows, we’re probably not the right solution

I also read an interesting article the other day, that suggested 70% of analytics data sets – the data normally found in a data warehouse – are less than 1Tb. Yes, the article is a little old, but that 70% figure was at the 500Gb mark, which meant it could double and still hold true today.

In other words, the typical SME-scale data warehouse is probably better off on Azure SQL. If you don’t have tens of millions of customers or products, and you don’t transact hundreds of millions of line items per year, you should probably start your data warehouse on Azure SQL.

Ajilius supports both Azure SQL and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, with three-click migration between them. That means you’re not locked in by your choice of database, and you can easily change your mind if your data grows beyond initial expectations.

You can’t go wrong building your Microsoft data warehouse with Ajilius.