Three-Click Migration

A technical sales manager at Microsoft recently argued that our claim of three-click migration between supported platforms was impossible. “It can’t be done,” he argued, “they’re completely different syntax and architectures.”

So we demonstrated it.

We took a data warehouse we’d built on AWS Redshift.

We ported it to Azure SQL Data Warehouse in three clicks.

We demonstrated the differences in the code that was generated for each platform, and the best practices it entailed.

We then ported the Azure SQL Data Warehouse version to SQL Server on Linux, in three more clicks, as a low-cost development and test platform where the results could be automatically deployed back to Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Again, we demonstrated how it was done in code.

Finally, we added tables from Dynamics365 and SharePoint Online to the data warehouse on SQL Server, and deployed it back to Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

“OK,” he said, “I’m convinced.”

Ajilius. We walk what we talk.