Enhancement: User / Tech Documentation

This week’s download for Release 2.2.9 brings separation of User and Technical documentation.

Previously, Sources, Tables and Columns had one documentation panel. For tables and columns, that documentation was carried forward to subsequent tables in the ELT process. While editable, it gave rise to misleading documentation if a technical note from a previous table was overlooked.

We’ve now provided separate tabs for User and Tech(nical) documentation.


User documentation is carried from table-table, and column-column. Technical documentation is specific to the source, table or column for which it is defined.

Also, we’ve provided a feature to tune the size of the documentation panel. User Preferences now contains a field for Documentation Lines. Modify this value to increase or decrease the number of lines displayed by the documentation panel, tuning the fit for screen size and zoom level.


Keep the requests coming, your ideas make Ajilius better for every user.

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