Enhancement: Surrogate Key Names

Ajilius V1 used a fixed naming convention for surrogate keys. The dimension surrogate was named “id”, and the fact foreign key was named “<dimension>_id”.

While this might have been correct from a data modelling perspective, it didn’t work well with modern BI tools which expect the surrogate and foreign keys to have the same name.

In V2 we modified the convention to use the same name, which we constructed as “<dimension>_key” in each case. This worked well with BI tools, but Kimball modellers were more used to seeing column names like “store_key” instead of “dim_store_key”.

Now we’re releasing an enhancement that enables you to set the surrogate key name when you create a dimension, and to modify it like any other column name.

Update to version 2.2.7, and you’ll be able to use this feature.

Ajilius. Responding to user feedback.