Enhancement: Schemas

Rounding out the enhancements in Release 2.2.7, Ajilius now automatically organises tables into schemas.

We have implemented four schemas:

Ajilius-specific control tables

Data loaded from external sources

Data undergoing transformation

Data warehouse dimensions and facts for public access

The main benefit of this feature is to simplify end-user access to fact and dimension tables. Previously, when a user accessed the database using any visualisation or query tool, all tables were visible to the user, including temporary load and staging tables. This was confusing to the user, and required work from a database administrator to selectively hide tables from the user.

Now, end-users need only be granted access to the dw schema by default, and they will only see dimensions and facts that have been created specifically for analytics and visualisation. Internal working tables will no longer be visible, unless access is specifically granted.

Ajilius. Simplifying end user analytics.