Version 2.1c – Snowflake TIME Data Type

On Wednesday night we got notification of the latest changes in Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse. Of particular interest was the implementation of a TIME data type. Here we are on Friday night, and we’re releasing support for this latest feature.

We were one of the customers to request this data type early in the Snowflake development process, so we’re delighted to see it implemented.

Having a TIME data type makes it easy to implement dimensions that incorporate concepts like business/after hours, and morning/lunch/afternoon periods. Want to know the blocks of time in which most of your transactions occur across the week? You need a time dimension.

Without a TIME data type, Ajilius represents time values using a character string in the format HH:MM:SS. This works for building the star schema, but it doesn’t support analytic queries involving time arithmetic. Now we can store and calculate time values in Snowflake data warehouses.

The installer package for V2.1c also updates the Snowflake connector to the latest version.

Ajilius. Keeping up with Snowflake.