One year of Ajilius

birthdayAjilius is now one year old.

Just over 12 months ago, we announced a new data warehouse automation platform, designed for a modern data warehouse workload.

We delivered all our objectives for complete Kimball support, on-premise and cloud, three click migration between databases, and full cross-platform portability.

We published a four-release roadmap for V1, and we’ve met its quarterly delivery schedules.

We’re not fully profitable, but we now have enough customers that we’re sustainable and growing.

This year we’re embarking on an ambitious roadmap for V2, with a focus on Data Quality, Data Profiling and Data Discovery. Again, we have defined a quarterly release schedule, and V2.1 will be delivered in March (we’re in beta already).

We’re also stepping up our marketing this year, with our first conference attendance being pgDayAsia, in Singapore, from March 17-19. We’ll be speaking on Data Warehousing and PostgreSQL, as well as using the occasion to showcase Ajilius 2.1.

Here’s to a great 2016 in data warehousing!