IBM DB2: Back to DSN

The devs told me that getting DB2 and Informix drivers to work took a bit of fiddling. That was the understatement of 2015. The driver setup experience is so bad that we can’t include it in the Ajilius installer.

On every platform we needed to manually copy files around, adjust environment variables, sometimes patch libraries, and often it just didn’t work. We tried the Python ibm_db adapter, we tried IBM’s ODBC / CLI adapter, and experienced nothing but pain.

As a result, we’re dumping the work we’ve done on native adapters, and reverting to the use of ODBC DSNs for data sourcing against DB2 and Informix.

To use DB2 as an Ajilius data source, have your IT department deploy an appropriate ODBC connection on your Ajilius server, then create a DSN to your data source. Select “ODBC DSN” to create your data source in Ajilius, then enter the DSN name in the Database field.

It is sad that IBM’s quality has sunk so far. I started my IT career on IBM System/34 computers well over 30 years ago, and at various times worked on System/38 and AS/400. I used one of the first DB2 mainframe installations in Australia, followed by the first OS2/EE implementation of DB2, before using DB2 on Windows as the core of a successful ISV product. Later, I ran a DBA team that included DB2 on mainframe, Linux and Windows in its portfolio.

You couldn’t call me a DB2 hater with that background, but the current connectivity options are rubbish.

DB2 is not a bad DBMS, but what good is a DBMS  without great connectivity? I’d struggle to recommend it to anyone based on my most recent exposure and I’d definitely not recommend it to any Python developer.