Adwords puzzle

For 10 months we’ve been testing combinations of Google Adwords keywords to drive traffic to Ajilius. Over that time we’ve got a pretty good idea of which keywords work.

As we planned a new campaign for the New Year, we decided to turn off Google advertising for a couple of weeks, to reset our no-advertising baseline.

The expected result was that traffic would go down, and it has, but not quite as much as we expected. That suggests search results rather than advertising may be driving a higher volume of traffic than we thought.

What was unexpected was the change to Google search results.

When running an Adwords campaign, if we searched for one of our terms such as “data warehouse automation” we were usually on result page 2 or 3, with many competitor ads above us.

Now that we’re not running a campaign we’re in roughly the same search position, but there are far fewer competitor advertisements showing above us.

Could it be that Google artificially inserts advertisements above yours, pressuring you to increase your budget to move you up the page?

That theory smells of tin-foil hats, but it is something for us to watch over the next few weeks.