Price changes

Working with our first customers and partners has exposed some issues with our initial pricing strategy.

  1. Member Edition (our free version) customers required more support hours than our paid version.
  2. The difference between Member and Subscriber edition was ambiguous when considering licensed, supported versions of Open Source databases.
  3. Subscriber Edition had insufficient margin to make it attractive to resellers.
  4. Both Subscriber and Sponsor Editions were perceived as “too cheap” by their target customers.

Accordingly, we’ve revised the pricing for Ajilius to take these issues into account.

From May 1, we will remove the Member Edition from our price list. Existing customers will continue their right to support, and access to all new versions, free of payment.

A new Evaluation Edition will be introduced. This will be a full-featured version of Ajilius, but with a 30-day time limit.

The annual licence for Subscriber Edition will be increased to USD 5,000pa, and Sponsor Edition will be increased to USD 50,000pa.

Remember, Ajilius is site licensed. That means you have the right to use Ajilius on any number of servers, by any number of developers, creating any number of data warehouses, on any number of data warehouse platforms.

Even with our price increase, you’ll still save tens of thousands of dollars over competing platforms, and still get to 100% ROI in a matter of days.

Ajilius. Committed to business value.