WhereScape faking Data Vault?

Update (2016-07-09): It was true then, but it isn’t true now. WhereScape is now working with Dan Linstedt, the creator of the Data Vault methodology, to deliver automated Data Vault 2.0 solutions.



I’m a little confused by recent claims about Data Vault and WhereScape Red.

Every WhereScape demonstration I have seen has been Load, Stage, Dimension, Fact, Cube. The tutorial is Load, Stage, Dimension, Fact, Cube. The training is Load, Stage, Dimension, Fact, Cube. The UI boils down to Load, Stage, Dimension, Fact, Cube.

Does that look like Data Vault to you?

Nowhere do I see Hub, Link and Satellite. Just Load, Stage, Dimension, Fact, Cube.

If it looks like Dimensional, presents like Dimensional, trains like Dimensional, and is documented like Dimensional, then there is a pretty good chance it IS Dimensional, and any claim to the contrary is just faking it.

If you want Data Vault, you probably need to be looking at BIReady or Quipu.

We’re proud of the fact that Ajilius is a data warehouse automation company based on Dimensional Modelling. We believe in doing one thing well, not trying to be anything to everyone. If you want a Dimensional data warehouse, buy the product that is firmly committed to this technique.

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