Our join editor sucks

I’ve spent today reviewing and discussing our alpha-test feedback.

The best feedback related to the browser UI. The worst feedback to the join editor.

The join editor is used to define the joins between staging tables. We need to know how the business keys from the table being joined relate to the data already in the table.

The way the current version works is that you choose the ‘Join Another Table’ option from the Stage Table menu, then select the table you want to join, finally choosing the join type (ie, inner, left outer) and the join columns. You’d repeat this for as many tables as you wanted to join.

Users gave solid feedback that this did not represent their use cases. It forces the user to make early decisions about the sequence in which tables will be added, doesn’t handle deletion of tables from the join well, and fragments the user’s mental model of the join structure.

We worked through a few alternatives this afternoon, decided on an approach, and now Minh (our Vietnam developer) is due to have it completed by the end of the week. We’ll go back to the alpha users for a re-check on this feature, but then everything should be clear for the beta.